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New Patients

Performance Health & Chiropractic is a gorgeously decorated space that’s contemporary and modern yet feels just like home. You’ll know we pay attention to detail from the moment you step in, and you can feel confident that you’re in the right place.

Your First Visit

We ask that you wear comfortable or athletic clothing. Please bring an identification card, an insurance card and any relevant medical records like X-ray or MRI reports.

When you arrive, you’ll fill out paperwork and then meet your chiropractor in a private room. You’ll talk about your health history, then have an examination. Digital X-rays can be taken on-site but we adhere to the American College of Radiology’s guidelines to decide when they are necessary, so you may not require them. You’ll then receive a treatment, which may be a chiropractic adjustment or another form of therapy depending on what is most appropriate.

Subsequent Visits

Your follow-ups may involve a chiropractic adjustment or our other therapies and modalities. We’ll customize your treatment to what you need, with your visits taking 10-15 for chiropractic care only or up to 30 minutes for additional services.

Releasing You From Care

We don’t believe in requesting that you adhere to a lifelong care plan. We’ll give you options, make our recommendations and let you decide what you’d like to do. Some people want to get out of pain and return if they feel they need us. Others want to be proactive with their health and see us for wellness care, which might be once a month or every three months for regular checks. The choice is yours!

If you’re ready to get started, contact our team today! We’re in-network providers for many insurance plans and accept Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans Affairs coverage.

New Patients | (772) 286-6260